Welcome to the Powys freecycling network

Got stuff to give away? Wanting to offer a good home to someone else’s unwanted stuff?
Freecycling is for you. Wherever you live in Powys, there’s a locally run Freegle or Freecycle group waitng to welcome you.

Why does ‘locally run’ matter?
The Powys freecycling network is made up of locally run freecycling groups. Whichever one you join, you can be sure that it is a local club being run by local people who live near you, who will be on hand to help and advise you, who run local events and are passionate about their communities. You may already know them!

Freegle or Freecycle?
Some of the Powys groups are affiliated to the British network Freegle; they all started off as Freecycle groups. Whatever the name they all work in the same way, and don’t believe in letting name differences get in the way of generosity and friendship.